Chuckie accepted Christ at the Urban Youth Convention. But he’s still fighting for his life after being the victim of a shooting in Chicago. “It was in the broad daylight,” says Bob Price, Home Missions Ethnic Leader for Black and Urban Ministries.

Price is disheartened by the ways his home town of Chicago has changed. “It was a totally different situation [in the past],” he recalls. “Now our kids are really at risk.”

What should our response be to the brokenness that’s taking place in our cities and the failure of our institutions to combat gang violence? Price says “it will take social transformation. It’s not just about putting our kids in youth group, but how do we get out of our comfort zones and evangelize to kids in these really rough situations?”

For Price, ministry is not just about inviting people into faith—it’s about making the streets a safe place to believe. Kids like Chuckie, who made a decision to give their lives over in service to Christ, are having trouble seeing a way out.

That’s why Black and Urban Ministries hosts the Urban Youth Convention every year—to show young people a new light and hope, and to fan the flames of social transformation. Attendees like Chuckie learn that they don’t have to join gangs to make a name for themselves; they don’t have to point a gun to gain control over their life. They can rely on their faith for their guidance, their future isn’t decided for them—God has greater plans for their life.

The Urban Youth Convention reaches young Christians, their classmates, and their friends from their neighbourhood, too. Kids like Chuckie hear the hope and strength of the gospel, and take their new knowledge back with them. That’s why your support for Home Missions is so important.

Note: Congratulations to Dr. Bob Price who has retired after 25 years as Ethnic Leader for Black and Urban Ministry with Home Missions. Over the years Bob has developed leaders, conferences, networks, conventions, and innovative ministry strategy. He's been a thought leader and champion for recruiting young future leaders and leaves a legacy of wisdom and ambition.