• Future Church Plants

    The church has a local presence through which they can share the gospel in Word and deed. We desire to see an increasing number of new churches who are prayerfully seeking innovative ways to connect with a post-Christian, diverse society. Church plants who partner with the CRCNA are committed to mutual mission and values, but are not limited by a particular style or model.

    Partnership teams are vital to the health of a church plant. Form a partnership team that includes representatives from supporting partners. As one of your partners, a Home Missions representative should be included in this team.

    Completing a Partnership Agreement with Home Missions helps you communicate your vision and strategy and clarifies the partners and their commitments. Completing this Partnership Agreement can also make you eligible for church planting grants through Home Missions.


    Instruction Guide

    Sample Partnership Agreement Form

    This sample form is provided for your reference. To submit a Partnership Agreement, please create an account here and complete the online form.

  • Current Church Plants

    Our church plants are on the front lines of bringing and being the gospel of Jesus Christ in their communities. As a supportive partner, we equip and encourage leaders, and we come alongside new churches with resources that will bring health and sustainability.

  • About

    Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world takes all of us. CRHM invites you to join us in celebrating stories of transformation, to committing to support the work we do, and to be the presence of God in your own community, right where you are today.


Kevin Schutte
Catalyst Leader for Starting & Strengthening Churches

Audrey Kinder
New Church Development Administrative Coordinator

Erica Jensen
New Church Development Administrative Coordinator

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