Regional Ministry Teams

Through our regional teams, Home Missions, along with classical leaders and other ministry partners, comes alongside pastors and leaders that need coaching, networking, shared learning, and encouragement. It has been our privilege to see transformation take root in each of these regions - our teams are taking part in serving and leading our denomination in pursuing God's mission at home and across North America.


Western Canada Team

Rich Braaksma
Regional Leader


Eastern Canada Team

Contact Loise Githinji


View the Eastern Canada website.



Eastern US Team

Marco Avila
Regional Leader



Great Lakes Team

Amy Schenkel
Regional Leader

 View the Great Lakes website.



Central US Team

Peter Kelder
Regional Leader
Phone: 815-690-2408 



Western US Team

Ben Katt




Ethnic Ministry Council

Home Missions’ Ethnic Leaders lead the way in championing ethnic ministry.

These dynamic Ethnic Leaders have a lead voice in deploying new ethnic leaders, as well as authorizing funding for the start of new ethnic ministries. By forming a new Ethnic Ministry Council and no longer having separate ethnic regions, the new strategy moves Home Missions toward stronger multi-ethnicity in each region, celebrating our unity in Christ and in Christ’s mission while being diverse.



Black and Urban Ministries

Bob Price
Ethnic Leader


Hispanic Ministries

Partnering with Consejo Latino


Native American and First Nations Ministries



Korean Ministries

View the Korean Ministries website

Charles Kim
Ethnic Leader