Campus Ministry

On university campuses across North America, students, staff, and faculty are gathering together to grow in faith, build community, and engage God’s world. There’s a vast array of research agendas heading off in different, and sometimes competing, directions; there’s a multitude of perspectives and worldviews; there’s a colorful array of people on each of our campuses. Christian Reformed Campus Ministry seeks to bear witness to the renewing grace of Jesus Christ in a beautifully diverse, but complicated, world. View the Campus Ministry website.



Coffee Break

Coffee Break is small group Bible discovery for evangelism and discipleship.

The name “Coffee Break” expresses the relaxed and conversational small group atmosphere. In a Coffee Break group, participants discover for themselves and with others what the Bible says and means. The conversations and study guides are appropriate for all levels of Biblical knowledge and faith experience. View the Coffee Break website.



Small Groups

In small groups, disciples grow in knowledge and relationship with God, community with others, and in following God's mission. Home Missions offers a wide variety of  resources to serve your church in cultivating small group environments for spiritual  growth and mission. For more info, email